A cloud development environment on the iPad.


Write code for webpages, mobile apps, and servers. Your code, images, and other files get synced to our cloud servers.


Your code can be compiled and executed on our cloud servers. Results are piped to your iPad & displayed instantly.


It’s easy to deploy to Heroku, AWS, or GitHub Pages. Post commit hooks can also be used to deploy to your servers.

Find Out Why I Created Binary

Designed for External Keyboards

Writing code isn't suitable on a touch-based keyboard. Binary is designed to be used with external keyboards such as Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard.

Syntax Highlighting

Binary supports many languages including JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Ruby, Python, Objective C, Markdown, and more.

Themes, Tabs, and more

Customize your tab preferences and pick from a variety of dark and light themes.

Git support

Binary supports git, enabling you to import git repositories, push changes to GitHub, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

With shortcuts for copy & paste, open, new, and close, Binary is well suited for power users. Coming soon: vim and emacs keybindings.

Offline Mode

No Internet connection? No problem! With Offline Mode, you can code locally and sync with the Binary platform when you reconnect.

Distraction Free Mode

Good tools should get out of the way when you don't need them. Distraction Free Mode hides everything but your code, allowing you to focus for hours.

Why I Created Binary

The concept of coding on an iPad may sound crazy, but I have found that the iPad is far more convenient than traditional laptops and PCs in various situations.

I dislike working in cubicles in offices, opting instead to work from a café. Instead of working from a windowless office, I like to code at a nearby park or at the waterfront overlooking the Golden Gate. I tried using my laptop in these situations, but I was limited by battery life and Internet connectivity. On the other hand, with my iPad, I don't have to hunt for a nearby WiFi hotspot or purchase an MiFi/4G dongle. I can work all day long, from any location, thanks to the iPad's long battery life and 4G Internet.

The only thing missing was the software. Existing apps did not have the featureset I needed. In order to replace my laptop and work full-time from an iPad, I needed to be able to write, test, and deploy code. The first part is easy; writing code is enabled with a simple, full-featured text editor. The software should also be able to debug websites like a desktop browser's Web Inspector. I needed to write and execute Node.js servers and iOS mobile apps. I needed to see the logs and output when running a server, and I wanted my iOS apps to be compiled, shipped over-the-air, and installed on my home screen for instant testing. It would be awesome if I could deploy my server code to production servers on AWS or Heroku.

I built Binary to do that. Binary comes with a full-featured and customizable text editor. The interesting component is the Binary cloud platform. Code that I write – servers, iOS apps, whatever – can be compiled or executed remotely, much like how a Platform-as-a-Service works. The results – a website, log file, stdout, a compiled iPhone app, etc. – are returned to the iPad and displayed appropriately. With git support, I can use post commit hooks to deploy, or even push to GitHub Pages. Binary also makes it easy to deploy to Heroku or AWS with the tap of a button!

Coding is my craft, and an iPad with Binary gives me the freedom to code from anywhere in the world.

My new development environment is an iPad with 4G, a bluetooth keyboard, and Binary. Coding is my craft, and an iPad with Binary gives me the freedom to code from anywhere in the world. In fact, I created the website you're currently reading with Binary and deployed to GitHub while flying on an airplane at 35,000 ft. I love this magical experience, and I think you will too, unless you prefer working on a beige PC in a windowless cubicle comforted only by a red stapler. I'd like to invite you to try Binary. Please sign up below for the Binary Beta!

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